Your Delightful Virtual Professional

Madel Reyes, Your Delightful Virtual Professional

I help entrepreneurs grow their business by providing them with reliable and quality service. My role is to generate more sales and profit for their business. If you are an entrepreneur who is struggling with your lead generation strategy, I have put together an article for you entitled '9 Elements of a Landing Page that Converts.' Check it out.

What they say about Your Delightful VP


Donnette Gillett

My creative initiator...

"Madel is very efficient and diligent in managing customer expectations. She uses her own initiative to work through unexpected issues and makes well-informed decisions. When I was away for a month, I delegated some of my tasks to her, which she happily accepted. I trust that she would do a great job while I was gone, she exceeded my expectations. "

Suzett Atanacio

My young leader on the go...

"Madel is a diligent worker and has a trait of a leader. She can easily learn a job assigned to her because she does initiate to study it. She can also champion a project because she works well with a team, is resourceful, knows her end goal/target and delivers on time."

About Madel Reyes

Your Delightful Virtual Professional

Your business will gain a remarkable advantage from my passion in crafting an end to end marketing funnel from creating landing pages that sell, writing content for your email, automating your drip marketing campaign, up to driving traffic to your website through social media marketing.
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