Madel Reyes

Madel Reyes,
Your Delightful
Virtual Professional 

Pleasant, enchanting, agreeable, pleasurable, enjoyable. I am Your Delightful Virtual Professional, delightfully committed to provide reliable, quality service.

Your business will gain a remarkable advantage from my passion in crafting an end to end marketing funnel from creating landing pages that sell, writing content for your email, automating your drip marketing campaign, up to driving traffic to your website through social media marketing.

You can achieve these three things (and more) through hiring Your Delightful Virtual Professional - 

  • ​Delegate your tasks
  • Eliminate your daily stress
  • Leverage your business

You, as a business owner, can benefit from delegating tasks that do not generate growth or revenue for your business, so that you can focus on increasing your productivity, growing your brand, and ultimately ensuring profitability for your flourishing company.

You can rely on me to:

  • Take charge of your business’ social media marketing on your Facebook/Instagram business page, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google pages as well as on any other social media site so that you can build and grow your brand’s online presence, constantly engage users, and assist in building your network.
  • Schedule fun Facebook posts for your personal profile so it looks like you are doing things outside the office, maintaining your online presence while you actively focus on growing your business. Tweet on your behalf so you can become a respected online influencer.
  • Provide you with the latest updates on market research and customer data that can add value to your website; edit your copies; research and manage your content so you do not have to worry about what to write in your website.
  • Craft beautiful presentations, powerful campaign posters and flyers so that you attract more audience and maximise your reach.

Recently I have been using Thrive Themes plugin on my website – it is magical! Ask me why? Because Thrive Themes is fully customisable, it works with any WordPress theme. Thrive themes are developed for speed and are fully responsive to any device that you use. Yes, I am so excited, because I did not expect a plugin to be this powerful! Check out my whole site (, it was built and designed using Thrive Content Builder and Landing Pages. It is by far the fastest and most perceptive visual editor for WordPress. My friends thought I was a genius, they didn’t know the power of Thrive Themes (Now, it’s a secret I have just shared with you!)

Apps I love to use are the following:

  • MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Evernote, Dropbox, Google+, Google Drive, Google Docs, Mindmeister
  • Quora, Flipboard
  • Canva, Adobe Spark, GIMP 2,, Adobe Color CC, Slideshare
    • Thrive Themes, Thrive Content Builder, Thrive Landing Pages, Lead Pages, Unbounce
    • Asana, Trello
    • Hosted WordPress, WordPress SEO
    • Email Marketing by Drip, Lead pages, ClickFunnels, Active Campaign, Covertkit, Mailchimp
    • IFTTT, Buffer, Hootsuite
    • Facebook Page, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pixels
    • Instagram ads
    • Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Linked In
    • Skype, Slack
    • Toggl
    • Shopify
    • And the list will go on and on because Your Delightful VP keeps herself abreast with the latest information and technology development/updates 

    Your Delgithful VP's Skillset

    • Search engine marketing
    • Email marketing automation
    • Website design, landing pages
    • Social Media Management
    • Copy editing
    • Copywriting
    • Research and content marketing, tutorials and training
    • Blog monetization
    • Presentations, Posters
    • Customer Service (email), Email Setup, Email Management, Data Entry and Analysis, Mindmap, Event Organizing and Coordination, Forum and blog comments posting
    • And again, the list will go on and on because because Your Delightful VP engages herself in continuous learning, training and improvement.

    Internet speed:
    Download - 50MBPS or more
    Upload - 5MBPS or more

    Where else can you find a virtual assistant/professional who is experienced in quality management,  search engine marketing, marketing automation, landing pages, and copy editing?

    Congratulations, you’re in the right place! 

    I am Madel Reyes, your delightful virtual professional. If you think I can be of added value to you and your business endeavours, hire me.

    Please be reminded, I only accept 3 clients at a time to ensure quality output and dependable service.

    Let’s get in touch. 

    May you be blessed with a delightful life.

    Madel Reyes

    Your Delightful VP

    Skype ID: madelreyes12

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