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My name is Madel Reyes, Your Delightful Virtual Professional (VP). I am a part time VP (I work as a full time Regulatory Compliance Officer) with a passion for learning new things and acquiring new skills about the virtual world. I dream of being completely free from working in the confines of an office and being able to permanently work from the comforts of my own home, in my homeland (Manila, Philippines) with my dear family. I am currently based in Sydney, Australia. The ultimate drive to succeed in this virtual career comes from the pain of having to work in a foreign land for survival. So there's no other way I dare to go but to move forward and conquer the virtual world.

I love cooking and I used to be addicted to baking. Take note, "I used to be" as I have slowly trained myself to trade baking hours to online study hours.

Please let me share with you my fun, interesting and challenging journey - from desiring to become a virtual professional to actually making a decision to start learning how to become one, then finding myself listening to audio lessons, working on my homework and finally building this website from scratch.

The idea of wanting to become a delightful virtual professional and wanting to work from home occurred to me right after I read the first few pages of the book Virtual Careers which talk about earning dollars in the comfort of your own home, eliminating daily stress of going to work, and being able to spend more time with your family. The book is packed with inspiring stories from people who used to work abroad, or work night shift in call centers but are now enjoying the freedom of working from home and being able to embrace their family more.

The book Virtual Careers is written by my mentor Jomar Hilario, an online marketing Guru. He is a Filipino internet marketer, a workshop speaker who is known to be the Tim Ferriss (of 4 hour workweek fame) of the Philippines for his early work with internet marketing technologies and virtual professionals so he can increase both his free time and productivity.

Since reading the book, I was very optimistic of the fact that I too can be free from an 8-hour shift work and earn from home. The possibilities are limitless. I found myself buying an online training package from Jomar, who was then to me, a person I admire for his guts and creativity, now my online marketing mentor. After the first online training course, I then found myself craving for more knowledge about virtual careers, thus leading to buying more training packages, leading to building my solid knowledge base and training experience.

You too can be like me. You too can dream and act on becoming a virtual professional. You too can be free. Free from daily commute, free from working too hard but not being rewarded of what you rightfully deserve. You too can be free from horrible bosses. You just have to make it happen. Make a decision to act and never look back. So get up, stand straight with your chest out, gather all your strength, close your eyes and promise this to yourself (be sure to make it a sincere commitment) - "From this day forward, I (say your name out loud), will do whatever it takes to get me closer to all of my dreams. Read a life changing book. Watch a tutorial video. Write a helpful blog. Sing a meaningful song. Listen to my mentor's podcast. Imitate what successful people do. Invest in myself. Inspire others.  Do my best in everything I do. And be a blessing to the world."

What are you waiting for? You got to be quick! Act now! Fast! Remember,  the most dangerous of all illusions is that there is a lot of time. 

Please feel free to contact me in my below email if you need help to kickstart your virtual career. I will be more than happy to help. 

May you blessed with a delightful life.

Madel Reyes
Your Delightful VP



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