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This time, let Your Delightful VP show you How to Keep Your Passwords Safe Using LastPass.

I am the type of person who, 80% of the time mix up my passwords for my emails, online shopping accounts, social media accounts, etc. More often than not, I will click the forgot password link in the log in section of a webpage. Hmmmm.. Sounds familiar? Bet it does! Alright.. I didn't say it sounds like you too! Haha!

The only way I thought I can remember those plethora of passwords is to write them down in a pocket notebook. But I don't want to always bring the pocket notebook with me as I always think I might lose it at one point. If so, I will just be giving free access to all of my accounts to anyone who finds it. I can imagine myself going insane!

Then the idea of saving my passwords in my notes using my mobile phone! Really, I thought of that? (I know, it's unforgiving!) But then again, what if I lose my mobile phone? And so, the search for a secured online app that can provide a solution to my problem begins. And here I am sharing it with you. 

My mentor Jomar Hilario mentioned about it in one of his posts, and so I had to look into it. He recommended to use LastPass to manage our passwords.

So now, what is Lastpass? 

Lastpass is a free password manager that keeps all of your passwords in a secure vault. It saves unlimited log ins and autofills them for different websites. A paid version called Lastpass premium enables unlimited syncs of all your passwords across all devices. Lastpass also takes your mind off the hassle of thinking difficult passwords when creating accounts, as it has the capability to generate random strong passwords to prevent your accounts from being hacked.

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Lastpass has a feature called secure notes which allows you to store membership card details, prescriptions, etc. so that your information are encrypted. You can also create a profile for your credit card and address so that online shopping is just a few clicks away - no repetitive entry of information required.

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Be amazed with what LastPass can do, find out How to Keep Your Password Safe Using LastPass with my below tutorial.

Now that you know how to use LastPass, why don't you try it out for yourself? Believe me,  you'll  only EVER have to remember ONE password! Leave everything else to LastPass. It's safe and reliable.  See for yourself. 

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