WordPress – How to Start a Hosted WordPress Blog – Part 1 of 2


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This time, let Your Delightful VP show you how to use WordPress. This is a two-part tutorial on 1) How to Start a Hosted WordPress Blog and 2) How to Setup Your WordPress Blog.

WordPress is the best platform to use when you are starting to learn how to design a website and how to blog. WordPress powers 26% of the internet. It is also a great tool to promote your business and personal brand. Share your stories with friends through your WordPress blog. 

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Do not be overwhelmed by the fear of not being an authority in website design. Do not be afraid not to know where and how to start creating your own website. There are so many helpful tips and tricks o get you started. Here is one of them. Let Your Delightful VP show you how to do it step by step. Here is the first installment of my WordPress tutorial. I hope you find this post helpful.

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Now that you already have a hosted WordPress blog, it's time to learn how to set it up. Check out the second installment of this two-part tutorial, click here to learn How to Setup your WordPress Blog. 

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