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Let's talk about Pinterest in this tutorial. Let Your Delightful VP walk you through it - this post is a Beginner's Guide on How to Use Pinterest.

I am sure this is not the first time you have heard of Pinterest. You may already have an account with Pinterest long ago, just like me, but have not explored its function yet. Just like me, your reason might be that you did not know how to use it, or you might not think you did not really need it. Your Pinterest account was just there for the purpose of mere existence because your friends talked about pins or pinboards whenever you're together. Now, it may be worth considering looking into it deeper.

Let's learn how to use Pinterest together.

Pinterest is known to be the world's catalogue of creative ideas. Its goal is to connect everyone in the world through things they find interesting. A pin is an idea - a gift, a recipe, a travel location, etc. in the form of images or videos. Users are allowed to visually share new interests through pins. Pins always point back to the sites where they came from (like your site!). A Pinboard is where people house their pins. Each pinboard tells a unique story about a user's interests. Other users can follow people's pinboards.

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Pinterest is one of the best tools to use in order for your business to be discovered by millions of people who are looking for things to plan, buy and do. It can provide great benefit for small businesses for product marketing and consumer base expansion. The fact that Pinterest is very visually effective, businesses get the chance to engage their consumers with compelling images and colorful infographics that promote deals and new products.

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Watch this Beginner's Guide on How to Use Pinterest to discover its beauty and usefulness.

Now that you know how to pin an idea, create a pinboard and use the Pinterest save button, you can now maximise the use of Pinterest either for personal or for business. use. Enjoy pinning!

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