Thrive Themes – How to Create Landing Pages


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​Once again, Your Delightful VP is here to share with you another tutorial entitled Thrive Themes - How to Create Landing Pages. 

What is Thrive Themes by the way? Thrive Themes is a WordPress plugin that is focused on generating conversions for your website so that you can turn your visitors into raving subscribers, customers and buyers. With Thrive Themes, you have plenty of products to choose from - themes (your website's building block, fully responsive for all devices), leads (your opt-in forms), content builder (what you see is what you get content editor), landing pages (conversion optimised lead generation), widgets (show different content in your widget areas), headline optimizer (test headlines against each other), thrive ultimatum (used for giving ultimatum to your subscribers for them to take action before your spectacular offer runs out), Thrive Ovation (add persuasive testimonials on your pages). 

Now, sit back and watch out this tutorial on how to create landing pages using Thrive Themes. 

​Now that you know the basics of creating a landing page, why don't you try it out for yourself? Believe me, it's easy. And fun!

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P.S This tutorial on Thrive Themes - How to Create a Landing Page is a continuation of the Getdrip part 1 and part 2 tutorials that I have launched not long ago. If you want to refresh your knowledge, just click these links -  Getdrip Part 1 - How to Setup an Email Marketing Campaign and Part 2 - How to Connect Getdrip to your Hosted WordPress 

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